Next Course Financial Group is a high-level provider of financial and business development services to hospitality companies in the initial stages of growth. Next Course allows entrepreneurs and operators to do what they do best and provides them with the necessary tools to help achieve their financial goals. Next Course is comprised of well-seasoned professionals with significant experience in the hospitality industry. The team is lead by Sam Goldfinger, who was the Chief Financial Officer of The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, a former publicly traded restaurant company and Fourth Wall Restaurants.

Next Course provides services that focus on the three key elements of a growing organization: the past, the present and the future.


The foundation of any organization’s financial condition is imbedded in the reliability and accuracy of its financial statements. Whether presenting financial data to lenders, equity holders or key management, establishing a level of confidence is critical. Inconsistent data leads to an erosion of trust in the management team. The ability to regain that trust becomes increasingly difficult as a company tries to grow. At Next Course, the first phase in providing financial support will be in analyzing and solidifying the basic ‘building blocks’ of the company’s financial data. This analysis focuses on the two main components of an organizations data flow – operations and financial reporting.


Although providing accurate historical data is an essential part of every organization, the ability to quickly analyze this data and provide management with an understanding of how to drive both the top and bottom line is imperative for the long-term health of the company. We work with management and its operators to dissect historical information and design a road map for creating additional value to the company. In addition, we create tools to help management monitor those initiatives.


Our main focus is on understanding management’s long-term goals. Whether it’s expanding operations through raising capital, procuring debt financing or simply improving existing cash flow, we work closely with management in developing a business strategy that provides the organization with a well positioned plan to meet these objectives. We are not only interested in designing the framework for this plan, but to stand side-by-side with management to achieve these goals.



Next Course is positioned to support a wide variety of client needs not only within the hospitality industry, but across all retail sectors. Our services range from providing full-support for the entire finance department as well as providing specific needs on a project-by-project basis.

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